The Complete Export Service

The aim of this service is to take the place of the Manufacturer’s own Export Department and organise and expand their Export sales throughout the world.


With our worldwide connections and expertise we believe that we can do this efficiently, and simultaneously save money for the Manufacturer, who is relieved of all static export overheads. Our only charge, apart from a small retaining fee, is an agreed margin on business transacted.

The main points of the service are as follows​:


  • We take full responsibility for Export sales, finding outlets, securing orders, appointing resident representatives and distributors, and generally pursuing sales in all markets open to the Manufacturer’s products.


  • Prices at which goods are offered to overseas buyers are fixed by the Manufacturer.


  • We take full responsibility for all overseas orders booked which are converted to firm orders from us to the Manufacturer.


  • When the goods ordered are ready for shipment the Manufacturer advises us, and we then issue instructions for despatch to the docks, containers base or airport, or supply fully prepared postal forms, as appropriate.


  • Immediately the goods have been dispatched from the factory the Manufacturer’s work on the order is concluded by rendering us an ordinary commercial invoice, which we pay.


  • We handle all formalities, licenses, shipping, insurance, certified invoices, consular documents, certificates of origin, foreign exchange procedure, bills of exchange and securing payment from the customer.


  • Where we feel the extending of credit to overseas customers is appropriate the responsibility for doing so is ours. Additionally on all orders we carry the bad debt risk as we pay the Manufacturer’s invoice promptly after dispatch of the goods from the factory.


  • In all of our activities the goods are normally offered as the products of the Manufacturers by name, thus it is the good will of the MANUFACTURER which is built up as the business expands.


  • When taking over the handling of established export business it is our custom to seek continuity by using present representatives and distributors where satisfactory relationships already exist.


  • At all times we are ready to give help and advice on any export matters such as overseas exhibitions, visits abroad by the Manufacturer, preparation of literature, export pricing, translations, packing etc.


  • It is our desire always to be regarded as part of the Manufacturer’s own organisation and to meet periodically to discuss progress made, problems encountered, future developments, etc.


  • It is our practice to pass on to a Manufacturer any information we receive regarding competitive products and prices ruling overseas.


  • Apart from supplying sales literature, which we distribute at our own expense, there are no static overheads incurred by the Manufacturer. The rest of our remuneration derives from an agreed percentage of the value of the goods invoiced to us.


  • Some Manufacturers now prefer to look after export development in certain areas themselves (e.g. Europe, USA). Under these circumstances we can normally, by agreement, exclude such areas from our activities, and handle export matters in the rest of the world. If required, a documentation and payment service, as in our “Export Brokerage Service”, is available for the excluded areas in which the Manufacturer carries out sales and marketing work.


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