The Complete Export Service

The aim of this service is to take the place of the Manufacturer’s own Export Department and organise and expand their Export sales throughout the world.


With our worldwide connections and expertise we believe that we can do this efficiently, and simultaneously save money for the Manufacturer, who is relieved of all static export overheads. Our only charge is an agreed margin on business transacted.


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The Export Brokerage Service

This is a finance and documentation service designed for those firms selling who whilst desirous of taking care of their own Export Selling, require the services of Specialists to deal with all matters relating to the business after the order is secured.


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The Export Brokerage Service & Enquiry Handling Service

This is an enhanced version of the Export Brokerage Service under which we additionally respond on behalf of the Manufacturer to all overseas enquiries the Manufacturer receives including those resulting from participation in exhibitions or from advertising.


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